About Loop & Tie:

Corporate gifting is timeless. It’s also wasteful, dated and inefficient. At Loop & Tie we built a platform to connect the $125B spent each year on one-size-fits-none, mass-produced, corporate gifts with small businesses and charitable causes. We’ve redesigned the corporate gift exchange with a choice-based engagement platform that helps companies more effectively do what they intend to do when they gift—build connections—while empowering them with the integrations and data they need to deliver time-saving, ROI-supportive gifting campaigns.

Loop & Tie is the gifting platform of choice, used by a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, startups and pro sports teams to connect with their communities through scalable, individualized gifting. Social impact is woven into our technology, strategy and culture. At Loop & Tie the WAY we build our platform is just as important as the platform itself. We’re looking for a leader to develop our brand and scale our market presence, while staying true to our ethos of using business as an engine for progressing social and environmental initiatives.

The High-level About this Position:

The Growth Management Team is looking for a Business Development Specialist to nurture and develop our current and future accounts throughout their sales lifecycle. Your passion for non-transactional relationship building will be an integral part of creating a remarkable account experience in this next phase of our company's growth.

In this customer-facing sales role, you’ll drive impact by furthering our Growth Management revenue programs. As a strong people-person, you’ll be using your excellent written & verbal communication skills to connect with our prospects and customers to offer your expertise in the Loop & Tie subscription products. Your keen attention to detail & process will ensure the prospects & accounts you support will be nurtured and developed in a timely & efficient manner

How you’ll make Loop & Tie amazing:

  • Your passion for creating and fostering a remarkable customer-first culture will promote an exceptional end-to-end experience for our accounts
  • You’ll work with all members of our Sales & Marketing Teams to develop and implement new Product Led Growth programs that educate and support our customers & their needs while finding opportunities to expand their usage of our products and/or services.
  • Your skills in process management will help us develop & execute new programs to address our customer lifecycle frameworks which will ultimately help us scale our recurring revenue
  • Your thoughtful approach to internal communication will ensure your stakeholders in Sales, Marketing, & Account management are informed and involved in new account-growth opportunities
  • Your data driven approach to client success will help build strong relationships with clients

How you will up-level Loop & Tie:

  • You have 2+ years in Business Development, Sales Development, or Account Development
  • A demonstrated track record of organization & cross-functional alignment
  • Proven experience in delivering top notch customer experiences
  • A knowledge of internal business systems such as Google Suite, Salesforce, HubSpot, & Slack
  • Impeccable communication skills particularly with people who have varying areas of expertise than yours
  • The ability to adjust rapidly to the changing demands & priorities of our team
  • A passion for building a culture that all of us can be proud of
  • You have a natural curiosity, a creative mindset, and willingness to experiment and iterate
  • Detail-oriented with excellent organizational skills to drive multiple initiatives at once

We firmly believe our differences make us collectively better. Loop & tie is committed to building a team that is diverse in background and experience. Diversity is recognized by our team as the presence of differences that may include race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, language, (dis)ability, age, religious commitment, or political perspective. Diversity also includes differences in principles, values, thoughts, and beliefs. Diversity of thought and experience are vital to building a sustainable and equitable environment at loop & tie.

Please do not let doubt get in the way of you applying for this position. If you can demonstrate the abilities listed above, we want to hear from you.